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USA Cycling Partners with Virtual Cycling App FulGaz

By: Bouker Pool  April 23, 2020

USA Cycling Members can now take advantage of benefits and discounts on FulGaz subscriptions.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Cycling is excited to announce a new partnership with virtual cycling app FulGaz to provide members with the opportunity to keep riding, training and racing on outdoor routes in the comfort of their homes. With hundreds of high-quality virtual videos to choose from, members can pedal along the iconic routes, giving them the experience of riding those same roads while inside their home. It works with just about any indoor trainer, adjusting video speed and resistance to match your effort along the ride profile.

FulGaz is offering a free 4-week trial for USA Cycling members and all members who join FulGaz will also receive a 20% discount off their ongoing subscription fee. Promo codes for both offers can be found by logging into your membership account.

Over the next few weeks, USA Cycling and FulGaz will provide exclusive member opportunities including:

Training sessions: Join coaches and athletes from the USA Cycling Team for customized member access-only training sessions.

Rider Challenges: Find a new challenge by testing yourself against some of America’s best riders.

New Races: New and exciting races from places around the United States and the world.

Domestic Training Opportunities: Select USA Cycling Championship race courses uploaded directly to Fulgaz for unique on-course training opportunities (coming soon!)

Upload your favorite routes: Fulgaz offers the opportunity for members to upload their favorite rides directly to the app. Click here to learn more.

Current USA Cycling Members who are already FulGaz subscribers will be able to join the USA Cycling member-only group on the site, giving you access to a range of great benefits including exclusive courses and training programs.