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USA Cycling Introduces a New Technical License: Team Manager

By: Eric Bennett  October 20, 2023

USA Cycling will now be offering a $25 Team Manager license.

USA Cycling is committed to creating and fostering a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for all. To help support this effort, USA Cycling has introduced a new technical license that recognizes the significance of a key group of cycling personnel: Team Manager.

The Team Manager is an individual responsible for overseeing and coordinating the operations of a cycling team. They play a key role in managing the riders and support staff, both in and out of competition, to maximize the team's performance and success. They generally serve as the main point of contact and resource for athletes on the ground at events. Their leadership and knowledge of the sport guide the team towards achieving its goals in races and maintaining a positive image within the cycling community. Any individual filling a role similar to this description at a USA Cycling sanctioned event must hold this license*.

This low-cost license will help ensure individuals in team leadership roles are equipped and empowered to identify, report, and prevent misconduct in sport. It is an important step towards ensuring a safe and enjoyable cycling environment at USA Cycling sanctioned events.

*Active USA Cycling Coach or UCI Support staff licenses will supersede this license-type, but please note this license does not take the place of a UCI Support license for Team Managers or Director Sportifs. The UCI Support license will still be required for access at UCI events.

Full suite of Team Manager benefits:

  • $25,000 injury coverage at a $2,500 deductible (applies only when acting as a Team Manager at a USA Cycling sanctioned event)
  • USA Cycling member discounts and partner perks
  • USA Cycling Spoke Newsletter

This is purchased through the Technical license purchase path: