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USA Cycling Announces 2020 Academic All-Stars

By: Justin Evans  March 22, 2021

208 collegiate cyclist named to USA Cycling All-Star list

The USA Cycling Academic All-Star Program honors collegiate athletes that excel not only in their sport, but also in the classroom. Normally, this group is named twice a year - in February for Track, Mountain and Cyclo-cross and in September for BMX and Road. Due to forced cancellations of the 2020 collegiate seasons, USA Cycling has named a COVID-19 edition of the Academic All-Stars program for all student-athletes that meet the qualifications listed below.

These athletes achieved Academic All-Star status for the COVID-19 affected season, by holding a 2020 USA Cycling Collegiate license and have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA in either the spring or fall semester. The Academic All-Stars, COVID-19 edition is listed below:

Aaliyah WilliamsSaint Augustine’s University
Abigael CarronFort Lewis College
Adam KlugeBrevard College
Alec SchreierMilligan University
Alexander TrifunovicLees McRae College
Alexis BobbittColorado Mesa University
Alexis VitaleColorado Mesa University
Anabella LopezTexas A&M University
Andrew BlackstoneLees McRae College
Andrew SparksLees McRae College
Andrew StrohmeyerLees McRae College
Anna SavageLees McRae College
Annie RichColorado Mesa University
Anthony KovacsMarian University
Ashley WeekesSaint Augustine’s University
Austin ButtlarLindenwood University
Bailee EnlowMarian University
Bailey LapradeLees McRae College
Barb EdwardsFort Lewis College
Benjamin HerbertzLees McRae College
Birgit MorrisMarian University
Bobby ComfortMilligan University
Brendan BengtsonLees McRae College
Brody McDonaldMilligan University
Bryce MoralesYale University
Cade EstesLindsey Wilson College
Caden HeupelMilligan University
Caleb SwartzMarian University
Callum HollowayColorado Mesa University
Cameron RichesMarian University
Camryn SippyFort Lewis College
Carlie CooperGeorgia Southern University
Carmen Chirino HulsundBrevard College
Carter KasianowiczMarian University
Cassidy EllisLindsey Wilson College
Cayden WhitehillLindenwood University
Celeste CarmignaniColorado School of Mines
Chandler HortonMarian University
Chase VanDeursenLees McRae College
Claire ReevesMarian University
Cole McDickenMarian University
Colton SacketFort Lewis College
Cooper BromleyLindenwood University
Cooper WiensFort Lewis College
Dafne Izquierdo TherouxColorado Mesa University
Dagny PalmerLees McRae College
Daniel JeskeLees McRae College
David KahnLees McRae College
Dawson SandersKing University
Dustin HammondLindsey Wilson College
Elida BeemanLindsey Wilson College
Elijah HouseMarian University
Elizabeth StevensonMarian University
Elle RunyanFort Lewis College
Ellie MitchellColorado Mesa University
Ellie MorgenthalerLindenwood University
Emily WilsonKing University
Erica LeonardBrevard College
Erin SferrazzaLees McRae College
Erin SferrazzaKing University
Evan BooneColorado Mesa University
Fergus Washington-SmithMarian University
Finote WeldemariamSaint Augustine’s University
Fiona DoughertyFort Lewis College
Francklin BockLindenwood University
Gabriella Cedillos-DixonMilligan University
Garrett SmithMilligan University
Gary "Spencer" SeveranceMarian University
George PiepgrasFort Lewis College
Grant WilsonLindsey Wilson College
Grant WilsonLindsey Wilson College
Guy LeshemFort Lewis College
Gwendalyn GibsonColorado Mesa University
Hanna MorkColorado Mesa University
Helen MitchellMilligan University
Henry BostianLindenwood University
Henry LutzColorado Mesa University
Henry McAlvanahColorado Mesa University
Henry NadellFort Lewis College
Hugh GillLindenwood University
Hugo Scala JrMarian University
Ian AndersonColorado Mesa University
Imraan GasantMarian University
Isaac Nagel BriceColorado Mesa University
Jack BledsoeLindenwood University
Jack GazardNew York University
Jack ZakrajsekColorado Mesa University
Jacob BlaisUniversity of Arizona
Jacob SlosarLindenwood University
Jaden GrimesPiedmont College
James KreuzburgLees McRae College
James WilliamsMarian University
Jameson SimmsKing University
Jamie WindholzMarian University
Jane TullisMarian University
Jason MarquardtBrevard College
Jenna JeffersLindenwood University
Jeremy BoazKing University
Jersey PiccarretoLindsey Wilson College
John BrownBrevard College
John JilbertLindsey Wilson College
Josefine DreierColorado Mesa University
Joseph KrivitskyMarian University
Joseph LetoLindenwood University
Joseph PenleyLees McRae College
Joseph WintergerstUniveristy of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Joshua ElzLindenwood University
Joshua FoleyLees McRae College
Juan RestrepoLees McRae College
Judah GustafsonMarian University
Justin LedouxMarian University
Justin RichmondMarian University
Kahlo ChitraroffColorado Mesa University
Kathryn McDickenMarian University
Katie ClouseColorado Mesa University
Kensa KoeppenLindenwood University
Kristen KleinMarian University
Kristen KollusColorado Mesa University
Lauren LackmanColorado Mesa University
Levi KramerColorado Mesa University
Liam EarlColorado Mesa University
Liam FlanaganLees McRae College
Lilah GuttFort Lewis College
Linnea BensonMarian University
Lisa CantuMarian University
Luca HainesFort Lewis College
Lucas JirgalMarian University
Lucas StierwaltMarian University
Luise OllickColorado Mesa University
Luke VillarsFort Lewis College
Madeline BemisMilligan University
Madeline SmithSavannah College of Art & Design - Savannah
Madelyn RobersonFort Lewis College
Madigan MunroColorado Mesa University
Madysen RailsLees McRae College
Maggie BaldwinMilligan University
Manuela EscobarMilligan University
Maria DoeringLees McRae College
Mariana GigliutoMarian University
Marie TutterowMilligan University
Marjorie BemisMilligan University
Marla ClineLees McRae College
Marta MorrisMarian University
Mateo MarasasLindsey Wilson College
Matthew ArmstrongLees McRae College
Matthew HarrisonMarian University
Max AustinColorado Mesa University
Maxwell GavetteMarian University
Meade PlumMilligan University
Megan JastrabMilligan University
Melissa GomesLindenwood University
Micah MasonLindenwood University
Michael MackPiedmont College
Michaela GrayBrevard College
Mikaela TolodayMarian University
Nathan KnowlesMarian University
Nicholas RogersUniversity of Virginia
Nicholas SdrenkaLees McRae College
Nick ArbogastColorado Mesa University
Nicole GlowatyMarian University
Nicole RusdenBrevard College
Nina MachnowskiBrevard College
Noah ChabotMarian University
Olivia ArmstrongMarian University
Phillip MarcelleSaint Augustine’s University
Quintin KurtzColorado Mesa University
Rachel PageauBrevard College
Rachel SmithMilligan University
Riley AmosFort Lewis College
Riley SheehanColorado Mesa University
Ronan WeberMarian University
Ryan KerchTexas A&M University
Ryan McLoughlinUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Sadie SchaferFort Lewis College
Samantha MaldonadoLindsey Wilson College
Samantha MillerMarian University
Samuel BrownFort Lewis College
Samuel CudjoeSaint Augustine’s University
Sarah SmithColorado Mesa University
Savilia BlunkFort Lewis College
Scott FunstonColorado Mesa University
Sean AzcuiMarian University
Sienna GibsonMarian University
Silas MoorefieldLees McRae College
Simon DonnawayBrevard College
Sindre BreinColorado Mesa University
Skylar SchaetzLindenwood University
Spencer MillerMarian University
Staci McCuddenLindenwood University
Sumi YukiLindsey Wilson College
Tiffany MolesiLindsey Wilson College
Torbjorn RoedColorado Mesa University
Trent Del GrippoFort Lewis College
Trevor McCutcheonColorado Mesa University
Tripp CampTexas A&M University
Turner RamsayColorado Mesa University
Tyler CurtisLindenwood University
Tyler KinsonLees McRae College
Tyler MirandaBrevard College
Tyler OrschelBrevard College
Vanessa RomanoColorado Mesa University
Violet CejalvoMarian University
Will HardinLees McRae College
William BobrowMarian University
William ClarkBrevard College
William DowlingFort Lewis College
William FarmerFort Lewis College
Zoe EckmanLees McRae College
Zoe WoodLindsey Wilson College