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Training Tips with Chloe Dygert

By: Angelina Palermo  January 14, 2019

At 23 years old, Chloe Dygert is already one of the most prolific competitive cyclists of her time on both the road bike and the track bike. Chloe already holds a total of ten World Championship titles between the road and track, a World Record in the Individual Pursuit, and an Olympic Silver Medal for women’s team pursuit track cycling at the 2016 Rio Olympics. In 2019, Dygert won the Individual Time Trial at the UCI Track World Championships by the largest time gap in history, also becoming the youngest person to ever win the Elite Time Trial World Championships.

We had the opportunity to talk through her cycling training plan with Chloe:

How do you and your coach set goals and incorporate them as part of your training program?

My coach and I work together to develop a plan which includes both my short and long-term goals in the sport. We work backwards and map out a detailed plan around the “how” and develop process goals that help me stay focused as well as accountable along the way. This has been a critical component to my success.

Tell us about your training schedule and how it varies from week to week?

My training schedule varies from week to week but mostly it varies from month to month depending on where I’m at in the season. My hours on the bike can range anywhere from 12-20+ hours per week depending on whether or not I have a rest week or am building miles for the track or road season. During the season my training becomes much more specific and focused on the energy system necessary for the particular goal that I am focused on - ie. during the track season I will attend track camps and do specific training to ensure I am prepared for the higher intensity that is required for the Individual Pursuit and or Team Pursuit. During the road season, with the help of my coach, I will lay out a specific course that I am focused on and train on the same terrain to simulate an upcoming time-trial that I hope to win. These are just a few examples of how I bring in the discipline specificity required to be my best.

What metrics do you use to ensure that you are on track to hit your goals?

There are a number of metrics my coach looks at to ensure that I am physiologically on track. Training Peaks has been an amazing support platform for us to communicate along the way. It would be difficult to keep track of all of the metrics available to us without this software. But simply put… if my coach says I’m good - then I am good!

How do you adjust your training knowing that you have a big race coming up?

This of course goes back to my coach and support team that I have surrounding me. I have 100% trust in my coach and what she has me do to prepare. All I have to worry about is making sure I give 120% every time I get on my bike.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to set up a training plan for the first time this season?

Get an amazing coach so you don’t have to worry about anything but riding your bike!

Chloe is coached by three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kristen Armstrong and relocated to Idaho where Armstrong resides to train in-person with her. Dygert has her eyes set on the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo where she hopes to compete on the track and road. To cheer for Chloe throughout the year, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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