Defeat X Best New Club 2021

Meet the Best New Cycling Club of 2021: Defeat X

By: Julie Goldsticker  March 15, 2022

USA Cycling’s Best New Club winner Defeat X (Brandon, Fla.) was founded on two very simple philosophies – get outside and help others. Created in 2020, the club started mostly as a racing team but the club facilitator, who goes by JC Defeats, realized early on that not everyone in the cycling community is interested in racing. Many cyclists ride simply to get outside and get exercise, particularly in this day and age when so many people spend most of their time tied to a screen.

The club team was soon born, and Defeat X began helping members use cycling as therapy and as a means to battle whatever challenges they were facing off their bikes. Whether they are dealing with anxiety and depression which are at an all-time high during the pandemic or facing the obstacles and adversity that life brings, Defeat X provides a family environment with positive energy and support for its 103 members.

The team works to combine sportsmanship, adventure and fun with the physical challenges cycling brings to give members the feeling of success and overcoming obstacles.

Defeats was honored to learn not only that Defeat X won USA Cycling’s Best New Club award, but that one of the club’s member’s nominating them without him even knowing. He found it super humbling and said it feels great to receive the recognition.

In addition to their club and racing teams, Defeat X focuses on philanthropy, hosting a charitable event at the end of each year. The club’s first event benefited The Heart Gallery of Tampa, a charitable organization focused on helping foster kids in the Tampa area find their forever homes. They believe that working on behalf of others will only help their members successfully tackle bigger and more difficult goals.

In their second year as a club, their annual charity event raised funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and they focused on Everesting as the basis of their fundraiser. The concept of Everesting is simple. Pick a hill and ride up it as many times as required until you have climbed a combined total of 29,032 feet.

As Defeat X is located in Florida, finding a tall hill is a challenge in itself. Defeats found a 220-foot hill for them to use for the event and completing the event meant the riders had to do 132 laps. It took one rider 22 hours to complete the task, but he accomplished the mission at hand.

As Everesting is such a massive undertaking, Defeats often has problems finding people that are willing to participate but he ensures everyone that in this case, there is no failure. They are taking on a challenge that is about something bigger than them. The goal is not about Everesting, it’s about raising funds and awareness for worthy causes.

For this year’s event, Defeat X will once again be raising money for The Heart Gallery of Tampa. As there are currently over 10,000 foster kids in needs of forever families in Hillsborough and Pasco counties, it is important to Defeat X to draw attention and support for this worthy cause in their local area, and they will once again shine on a light on the issue while raising funds later this year.

In the Defeat X community, it’s not simply about riding but creating a positive environment for growth on and off the bike. All egos must be left at the door, they don’t allow any drama and the club has created a family atmosphere where everyone supports one another. Defeat X works to create an environment where long-time cyclists help educate newer riders and encourage them to ask any and all questions while helping them to feel welcome.

The Defeat X mentality is a way of living that highlights that many benefits of cycling. Defeats believes that cycling is the best way to explore a place as well as the quickest way to get from one state to another while seeing the best things along the way. He loves the adventure of cycling and says that it’s the most euphoric feeling that you can have.

Many cyclists have found mentorship and support through a team or a club. Decorum and sportsmanship are taught on rides and traditions are passed on to people of every age and walk of life. Defeat X works to develop not only cycling skills but create community. They aim to build ambassadors for the sport who can not only help to build the club but also grow its message in addition to creating more confident and competent riders.

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