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Lane Maher Climbs Over 100,000 feet For Black Lives Matter

By: Angelina Palermo  June 24, 2020

USA Cycling cyclocross racer, Lane Maher, climbed 100,200 feet in 60 hours to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement

In case you missed it, Lane Maher finished up a HUGE ride to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement. At only 19 years old, Lane wanted to do his part to make the world a better place. He climbed 100,200 feet near his home in Harwinton, Connecticut, and covered 585 miles clocking in at 60 hours. Click here for the full Strava segment.

Lane’s goal was to raise $10k for Black Lives Matter and he is currently sitting at $7.6k. Can we get him to his goal?


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First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful to have had the support to complete this ride and raise money for such an important movement. I have always had the opportunity to ride and race my bike since a young age, and for that reason I often forget that being able to ride my bike is a privilege. With that said, it was absolutely amazing to take this privilege I have and use it as a way to do something greater than just ride. The craziness of this ride stands out at first, but the ability for it to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement is even more meaningful to me. If someone told me three weeks ago that I could raise thousands of dollars to make the world a better place for others, just by packing up my car with food and a bike and going for a sick ride, I wouldn’t have believed it. But here we are, and I don’t know how to express my appreciation enough. I know this is a long post already and I usually keep it short, but I need to take this time to thank those who helped me do this❤️. I’d like to thank my entire family, immediate and extended, for the incredible support they have given this ride from donations to being on the side of the road last night at 2am cheering me on through the last laps. Thank you guys! I’d also like to thank @cdalecxworld and @mikeberrymech for the equipment to do this ride. I think it’s worth noting that this bike made it almost 600 miles and 60hrs of riding with no flat, dropped chain, or any failure. What a bike🙌🏼. A HUGE shout out goes to my friends who came to visit and ride laps with me, or even just stop by to say hello. There is NO WAY I would have made it riding through the night if it weren’t for my friends and y’all know who you are. You guys are incredible for helping me out ❤️. Last but not least, thank you to everyone who reached out to say good luck and congratulations. I’m still working on getting back to everyone but I keep falling asleep 😁. Again, thank you everyone and you can still donate if you can to the GoFundMe page in my bio/profile to help support the Black Lives Matter movement. For now, I’m going to sleep for the third time since I finished the ride. Have a great night everyone!

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