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Get to Know Team T-Town

By: Page Heller  October 17, 2020

Team T-Town is a junior cycling track team based out of Trexlertown, Pennslyvania. The program aims to develop competitive cyclists in a fun environment and give their athletes all the tools necessary to build upon their future goals.

We got the opportunity to ask Kim Geist, Head Coach for Team T-Town, about what attributes cycling has helped developed in their youth athletes, what goals T-Town hopes to accomplish, and more!

What important attributes have cycling helped develop in your youth athletes?

[KIM:] Cycling with Team T-Town helps foster many life lessons. We focus on personal responsibilities such as mindfulness and support of others, discipline with completing tasks, and commitment to learning and making improvements.

Looking into the future, what goals do you hope Team T-Town will accomplish?

[KIM:] It is the aim of Team T-Town to provide a fun and social pathway to growth as competitive cyclists. Our goal is to have these athletes develop their skills, tactics, and physical capabilities while enjoying the process, providing a firm foundation on which to build upon towards their future goals in the sport.

Why should young cyclists consider joining Team T-Town?

[KIM:] Young people should consider joining Team T-Town because it is a supportive and well-rounded place to grow as a competitive cyclist. Year-round training, educational opportunities, and access to outstanding resources with the Valley Preferred Cycling Center and the Lehigh Valley Health Network make it a great place to learn, progress, and have fun.

Is there a story behind this year’s team kit?

[KIM:] We work with LongTail creative and the kit is the brainchild of Gabe Lloyd. We’ve tried to make it a fun, distinctive design that really represents the Valley Preferred Cycling Center and the TTown brands! We know when we see the houndstooth T that it’s TTown!

Photo Courtesy: Vishrut Garg