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Experience the Palmetto State with Bicycle Across South Carolina

Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC) is a multi-day ride that takes participants off the road and onto the scenic trails of South Carolina. Riders experience the unique opportunity to explore state parks, off-the-grid trails, and engage with a community of like-minded enthusiasts. We sat down with Alison Warburton, the Event Coordinator at The Post and Courier, to get a taste of what this ambitious event offers cyclists.

What can riders expect from the event?

An adventure! This event challenges riders to venture out into the depths of South Carolina and explore new territory via bicycle! We’ve got some really cool off-road routes that take riders around the shores of Lake Moultrie, through various state parks, and under the canopy of the tall pines in the Francis Marion State Forest. Also expect good beer, live music and a finale party at the end!

Why did The Post and Courier get involved in a cycling events?

The idea of Bicycle Across South Carolina first came to us after learning about the incredible impact The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, more commonly known as RAGBRAI, had on the state of Iowa. This ride started off small and grew to become the longest, largest and oldest recreational bicycle touring event in the world. The event highlights local communities and unique landscapes and has become a trademark for the state of Iowa. With this inspiration, The Post and Courier (South Carolina’s biggest fans) got together and started brainstorming how we can showcase all The Palmetto State has to offer. And with that, Bicycle Across South Carolina was born!

How are you dealing with planning and promoting an event with the pandemic going on?

Luckily our event is outdoors with minimal contact! We will be doing staggered start times each day to help eliminate congregation at the starting line, as well as requiring all riders and staff to wear masks when they’re not riding. As for accommodations, most of our riders camp out each night so it’s easy to distance people. We’ll also be strategically placing food/beer tents, check-ins, etc. to allow for an easy flow of traffic and help diffuse any crowds. Increased signage, a full-time social distancing coordinator, sanitation stations, and other precautionary measures are also being factored into our plans!

What are some off-the-wall stories from last year’s event?

Last year was our first year so we definitely had some challenges! Our group of riders were super supportive and saw the potential of this event so we were able to bring it back this year and keep moving forward!

A few highlights from last year (both positive and negative) were Hurricane Dorian hitting a week before the event and altering our routes, a dog who joined our crew and ran along riders for 10+ miles, Mrs Fox’s pimento cheese sandwiches, Lovebug season, and an indescribable sunset over our campsite at Overton Park.