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National Championships

Day 1 of #MTBNats Kicks off at Trestle Bike Park

By: Tom Mahoney  July 05, 2021

18 Non-Championship Cross-Country events find their winner

The first day of the 2021 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships kicked off on Monday, with 18 non-championship cross-country events taking the course in the afternoon. The racing gave a preview of what spectators can expect through the remainder of the week. The atmosphere around the course was palpable with excitement, with teams from across the country showing up early to pre-ride the trails and partake in the pre-event festivities.

Talking to Kyle Dixson, coach of the Reno Devo squad out of Nevada, about what he's looking forward to during the event with his squad of 22-riders, he said, "We want to have a fun, safe week. There are just a lot of great experiences out there, hanging out with each other, you know, building friendships and just racing their bikes. That's what they love to do. And, you know, they've all been training hard. They're ready to go out and have their best day, whatever number is next to their name after the race." Reno Devo had a strong showing in all of the Junior races today.

The first wave of the day heard the start gun with clear skies and a gentle breeze, but the weather turned sour halfway through the race, with rain and strong winds challenging riders on the five-mile course. The Junior Men's 15-18 Non-Championship Cross-Country winner, Brooks Wienke (Greenville, S.C.; ONTO p/b Hincapie Racing), was the fastest finisher for all men, completing three laps of the course in 1:13:54. On the women's side, Sarah Horen (Loma, Colo.; Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp.) in the Senior Women's 25-29 Non-Championship Cross-Country race clocked the fastest time, completing the race in 1:33:17.

The final wave started at 4:00 p.m. local time, with the inclement weather carrying over. In the Junior Men's 13-14 Non-Championship Cross-Country event, Nathan Troyer (Sparks, Nev.; Reno Devo) finished as the gold standard, finishing two-laps of the course in a time of 44:46. Harper Moore (Bentonville, Ark.; Walmart/BMC Youth Devo) took the podium's top step in a time of 1:01:53.

Racing continues tomorrow with the non-championship Downhill and Dual Slalom events, starting at 11:45 a.m. MDT. You can follow along with the action at the live timing website, or check out USA Cycling's Instagram stories or follow the live tweeting at USA Cycling's Live Twitter account. A full schedule for the week can be found here.


Junior Women 13-14 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1.Harper Moore (Bentonville, Ark.)Walmart/BMC Youth Devo1:01:53
2.Emory Wilkinson (Cullman, Ala.)The Gravity Academy+5:05
3.Ava Upchurch (Chattanooga, Tenn.)Huck & Braaap Cycling+7:22
4.Molly Lawson (Chattanooga, Tenn.)Huck & Braaap Cycling+7:35
5.Leah Card (Carson City, Nev.)Reno Devo+10:05

Junior Men 13-14 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Nathan Troyer (Sparks, Nev.) Reno Devo 44:46:00
2. Houston Brown (Reno, Nev.) Reno Devo Junior Cycling +1:02
3. Reid Farmer (Bend, Ore.) Cascadia Junior Cycling +1:17
4. Fletcher Goodwin (Jackson, Miss.) Racing Revolution +1:37
5. Jake Mcdill (Fort Collins, Colo.) Ciclismo +2:26

Junior Women 15-18 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Maggie Reid (Golden, Colo.) Waite Endurance 1:43:25
2. Lauren Moon (Alabaster, Ala.) A Team Devo 30
3. Zoey Oster (Sparks, Nev.) Reno Devo +1:33
4. Hailey Kutz (Knoxville, Tenn.) The Gravity Academy +2:09
5. Jorah Kappler (Tucson, Ariz.) el grupo youth cycling -1 LAP

Junior Men 15-18 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Brooks Wienke (Greenville, S.C.) ONTO p/b Hincapie Racing 1:13:54
2. Jade Rohde (Ashland, Ore.) Team Landshark +1:24
3. Landon Dendy (San Marcos, Calif.) Mission Hills High School +5:01
4. Titan Kelly Summit Bike Club +5:48
5. Mattheus Johnson (Redwood City, Calif.) Pen Velo Racing/Summit Bicycles +5:59

Senior Men 19-24 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Peter May 1:20:41
2. James Berkheimer (Beebe, Ark.) Cycle-Logical +13:29

Senior Women 25-29 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Sarah Horen (Loma, Colo.) Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation 1:33:17
2. Jenna Hernandez Baddlands Cycling Team +5:11
3. Heather Hinzman Girls, Gears, and Beers

Senior Men 25-29 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Anthony Herrera (KNOXVILLE) 1:42:19

Master Women 30-34 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Jessica Galgano 1:47:09

Master Women 35-39 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Leah Dolan-Kelley (Colorado Springs, Colo.) WMBA COS 1:49:57

Master Men 35-39 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Brandon Strausbaugh (San Marcos, Calif.) 1:35:16

Master Men 40-44 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Dominic Spencer 1:31:47
2. Michael Hopkins (Pewaukee, Wis.) Colectivo Coffee MTB +5:30
3. Damon Hyde (Austin, Texas) 787 Racing -1 LAP

Master Men 45-49 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Jeromy Cottell (Redwood City, Calif.) Touchstone Racing 1:22:13
2. Neil Smith (Erie, Colo.) Boxwell Cycling Team +4:21
3. Martin Wiser +4:39
4. Ty Faught (WINDSOR ) Infinit performance +7:35
5. Jim Bergstrand (Littleton, Colo.) Physio Racing +23:55

Master Men 50-54 Non-Championship Cross-Country

1. Howard Redd (Las Vegas, Nev.) 1:27:24
2. Dennis Lessard (Jackson, Mich.) Stage Cycling +2:41
3. Rod Millott (Denver, Colo.) CRCA/To Be Determined +8:35
4. Kevin Chandler (Boulder, Colo.) +12:05
5. John Allen (Charlotte, N.C.) FreeFly Endurance Coaching +12:52

Complete results can be found HERE.