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Bob Stapleton Steps Down as Chairman from USA Cycling Board, Replaced by Vice-Chairman Brendan Quirk

Stapleton served as chairman of USA Cycling’s board since 2014 - Quirk brings diverse experience from cycling industry and beyond

Today, USA Cycling announces that Bob Stapleton is stepping down as chairman of the board for the organization, a position he has held since 2014. Vice-chairman Brendan Quirk was elected by board members to replace Stapleton, effective immediately.

Quirk was co-founder of Competitive Cyclist, which was acquired by Backcountry.com in 2011. He later served as president of Rapha USA, CEO pro tem of Allied Cycle Works, and since 2018 has been a director at the Runway Group, a foundation started by Steuart and Tom Walton that has been instrumental in turning northwest Arkansas into a global cycling destination.

“It's impossible to quantify the impact Bob has had on the direction of this organization, the sport of cycling, and the lives of countless athletes,” says Rob DeMartini, CEO of USA Cycling. “As lucky as we are to have had Bob along with us, we are equally fortunate to welcome Brendan into his former position. Brendan has been a visionary and an entrepreneur who is always ahead of the curve and trends in the market. That kind of leadership is critical at a moment like this and we look forward to the rich possibilities ahead for all of cycling.”

In the coming years, USA Cycling will be looking to engage millions of new and continuing cyclists of all levels as part of its renewed We Champion vision which is bolstered by the recent cycling boom.

“We’re living in a time like no other in the cycling industry,” said Quirk. “We have the opportunity to welcome new and returning riders as they are looking for guidance and community. USA Cycling is well poised to lead these cyclists through their cycling journey, and I look forward to being a part of it.”