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Because Bikes Ep. 6 - Keith Morical

By: Parker Ohlmann  August 19, 2020

USA Cycling sat down with Keith Morical to chat about his record setting ride in the lower 48 states. Keith is no stranger to the ultra distance racing scene, in recent years he finished 2nd in the Trans America Bike Race and 1st in the North Star Bike Race. Just a week or so after Keith finished, just enough time for Keith to catch his breath, we dove into why he set out on this ride, and what made this ride different and more special than others in the past. We also discussed how, if you’re like me and wondering how he did it, Keith shared with USA Cycling what kept him on the bike day in and day out and why the ice cream sandwich was one of the go to items that Keith consumed on his month long journey.

You can learn more about the route that he took here: