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2023 USA Cycling Madison Track Nationals - Communique 1

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Madison Track National Championships - Communique 1


Chief Referee Announcement

1. Regulations:

15-18 and Elite Madison events will be run under UCI regulations with modification to sprint intervals. All other events will be run under USA Cycling regulations, published event formats, and information in the communiqués.

2. Schedule:

Any changes to the race schedule will be published the preceding day and may include removal of qualifying rounds, or the combination of fields if necessary. Distances are those published in the eligibility document.

Most current schedule can be found HERE.

3. Helmets:

Helmets, in good condition, conforming with USA Cycling’s Policy I, Helmets (DOT, CPSC or CEN), must be worn at all times while on the bike, including warm-up and warm-down. (Not required for stationary trainers/rollers).

4. Officials:

The race jury will be comprised of the following officials:

  • Chief Referee – Zachary Maino
  • Starter – Bruce Carlson
  • Judge Referee – Andy McCord
  • Chief Judge – Kevin Morrison
  • Assistant Judge – Luke Cavender

5. Madison

Sprint Intervals: Sprints will be conducted every 20 laps.

6. Madison Gaining/Losing Laps:

Riders lapping the field will be awarded 10 points. Riders being lapped by the field will be deducted 10 points.

7. Madison Starts/Stoppages/Neutralizations:

Relief riders will remain on the rail until the start is given to the Starting riders. Starts will be given with a single bell.

  • Neutral lap start. For safety, after the start is signaled, the first 5 laps will be controlled. Riders are asked to remain together and complete their first exchange before full racing begins.
  • Neutralizations will be indicated by a raised yellow flag. For Neutralizations, riders will regroup must follow the instructions of the officials for speed and restarting. Restarts will be signaled by removing the yellow flag and sounding the bell a single time, after 1 lap to complete the neutralization.
  • Stoppage of the event due to crashes or mishaps will be given with a double whistle.
  • If one rider has a mishap, the relief rider shall immediately join the group that their partner was in. If both riders of a team crash, they are entitled to 8 laps to return (one or both) to the race in the same position/group they were in. Teams/or a rider suffering a mishap may not return to the field in the last kilometer (6 laps) but will be placed according to the points they have
    earned to that point.
  • Mechanical repairs must be made in the infield.
  • No equipment is allowed on the safety zone.
  • Riders who may be injured in a fall or crash will first be assessed by a member of the medical team. If injuries warrant, the race will be neutralized or stopped to allow the medical teams onto the safety zone.

8. Madison Jerseys:

Madison teams must use provided Madison jerseys. These jerseys are a solid color, and have integral numbers marked on them in order to facilitate scoring and tracking of riders. These jerseys are mandatory. Team kits are authorized and welcomed at all presentations, awards podiums and non-championship events.

9. Rollout and Bicycle Check:

All riders competing in gear-restricted events will be required to present their bicycle for rollout or bicycle check before each competition/heat unless otherwise directed. For the Elite Madison Championships, junior participants are under the same regulations as for elite riders.

Bicycles must conform to UCI bicycle regulations.

  • Elite: 94” or less gearing is recommended.
  • Masters: 94” or less gearing is recommended.
  • Junior 15-18: 94” or less gearing is recommended.
  • Junior 13-14: 80.8” gearing or less verified by roll-out 6.45 meters (21' 2"). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Coed Madison: 88” gearing or less verified by roll-out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. Scratch:

Neutral start, single bell sounded to start the race. Final sprint after the bell is rung.

11. Elimination:

Neutral start, start indicated with a single sounding of the bell. 5 laps before first sprint. The last rider, judged by the trailing edge of the rear wheel, will be eliminated. If no one is eliminated, a green flag will be shown, and the bell will be rung again. If a rider does not withdraw when called, the race will be neutralized until the rider withdraws. The race will resume with a single bell sound. The bell for elimination will be rung the next lap. A bell will be rung before each sprint, every other lap, except for the last two riders, who will see two laps to go after the elimination of the third placed rider, before the final sprint.

12. Track Etiquette:

Tracks are not universally the same and therefore require standards of riding to be applied to assure the safe conduct of racing. Violations of these standards may result in warnings (two warnings = disqualification) or loss of points, to ensure that no advantage is given for poor riding/conduct.

  • Minimum speed-16 mph: Please remember to maintain minimum speeds in the neutral starts and on relief in the Madison events.
  • Not exchanging: Because moving down for an exchange will disrupt other competitors, riders who drop into an exchange must make their exchange, or the rider moving down will be considered the leading rider for that team. Exchanges that disrupt or impede other teams may be penalized.
  • Exchange on the bell lap: While not illegal, exchanges that disrupt or endanger other teams in a sprint will be penalized with warnings or loss of points won. Riders must remember to maintain a racing line after their sprint to maintain safe passage on the track for following riders.
  • Riding through an exchange: Following riders may not ride between team members preparing to exchange. Similarly, passing underneath an exchanging pair on the left, on the apron, is not allowed.
  • Relief riding: Relief riders must ride above the blue line.
  • Poor riding/bicycle control: Riders demonstrating inadequate riding skills, endangering other competitors, will be warned and removed from the race as required.
  • Delaying the Program: Please watch the schedule and keep from delaying the program. Any rider delaying the program may be assessed a warning or fine.

13. Number/Jersey pick-up:

Jerseys and numbers must be picked up between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. Riders who wish to wear team kit in non-championship events must obtain a body number. Please affix body numbers to the left side.

14. Bib Numbers:

Numbers may not be trimmed or folded. Riders presenting themselves at the line without the proper numbers, with their numbers trimmed, or with their numbers folded or unreadable may have their start refused. As of January 1, 2023 for bunch events the identification number must be placed on the outer layer of clothing and number pockets may not be used.

15. Riders’ Meeting:

Riders’ meetings will be conducted at 6:45 p.m.

16. Event Texts:

If you are interested in opting into receiving text alerts throughout the event, please text JOIN MADISON TRACK to 1-833-221-3502. If you have already received a text about this year's event, you are already opted in and do not need to send a join text.