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National Championships

2021 USA Cycling Collegiate Track Nationals - Communique 1


Chief Referee - Joe Morgan

Starter - Chris Clark

Judge/Referee - Jeff Helgerson

Secretary - Cyndi Smith (All changes to the composition of teams must be given to the Secretary)

Chief Judge - Ken Hart (All protests concerning results must be given to the Chief Judge)

Judge – Tim Wozniak

Referees – Art Hicks, Carl Wilkis, Jerome McNear


  • Daily information will be distributed to participants in nightly emails. In general, the track will be open 1.5 hours before training begins and will close 10 minutes before racing begins.
  • Riders who wish to register for an event must do so by 12:00 pm the day before the event.
  • Helmets, in good condition, conforming with USA Cycling’s Policy I, Helmets (DOT, CPSC or CEN), must be worn at all times while on the bike, including warm-up and warm-down. (Not required for stationary trainers/rollers)
  • No equipment is allowed on the track safety zone
  • In mass start events, the riders shall enter the track from the home straight and leave the track from the back straight.
  • Start Sheets and Results can be found at TrackTiming.Live
  • Crossing the track is prohibited, you must use the stairway.


Bib Numbers: Numbers may not be trimmed or folded. Riders presenting themselves at the line without the proper numbers, with their numbers trimmed, or with their numbers folded may have their start refused. The following numbers are required to be worn in the various disciplines:

  • Pursuit and Timed Disciplines: 1 number in the center of the back or 2 hip numbers
  • All other events, including the 200m qualifying for sprints: 2 hip numbers.

For races where 2 numbers are required, please place them so that one number is on the left side positioned horizontally for the photo finish and the other number positioned horizontally for the announcer and spectators.

REMINDER: Bib numbers must be placed in a readable manner. If numbers cannot be properly read the rider may not be placed correctly. See the following examples of improperly placed numbers:


Any changes to the race schedule will be published the previous day and may include the cancellation of heats or rounds if none are needed. Distances for heats are those published in the schedule.

For those events where seeding is based on a timed qualification, riders withdrawing after qualifications and before the first heats are established will be replaced by the next fastest rider. All withdrawals must be promptly reported to the race secretary.

All changes in the composition of team events between rounds must be given to the Race Secretary prior to the following deadlines:

  • Team Sprint: 30 minutes before the start of the competition.
  • Team Pursuit: 1 hour before the start of the competition.

During warm-up - Standing starts are permitted on the home straight only under the following circumstances;

  • one rider at a time (1x1)
  • in the sprinter’s lane and
  • Only with someone stationed in corner 4, signaling with a red flag to other riders on track.


All events will be run under USA Cycling regulations.

Start Procedures for Time Trials: The starting procedure is when the rider is on the bike (or both bikes if two-up), a 15-second countdown will begin.


Medals will be awarded to the top five finishers in each individual Track National Championship Event. Riders are to present themselves in their team kit.


As the track is 7-meters wide, the starting position spacing for the Coed Team Sprint will be modified to be 1-meter increments, aligned vertically across the track. This will also be denoted on the track surface with markings at the beginning of the session.


Please click here to update your rider bio. The information collected will be used by the announcer.